The Bal Exams are held every year in BAPS Swaminarayan centers throughout the world and are taken by balaks and balikas aged 9 to 13. Since 1972, Bal Satsang Exams have helped to teach balaks and balikas basic Vedic, cultural and satsang values in a clear and easy way.
(Online Bal exam registration is designed only for examinees outside India).

Below is a summary of the age at which each exam can be taken and the books that form the syllabus for each of the exams:

Exam Curriculum Age Requirement Prerequisites
Shishu Satsang Vihar-1 Shishu Satsang Vihar-1 9-10 None
Satsang Vihar-1 Satsang Vihar-1** 11 – 13 Age 11 to 13 regardless of whether examinee
has passed Shishu Satsang Vihar-1
Satsang Vihar-2 Satsang Vihar-2** 11 – 13 Examinee must be between 11-13 and have passed the Satsang Vihar- 1 exam.
Satsang Vihar-3 Satsang Vihar-3** 11 – 13 Examinee must be between 11-13 and have passed the Satsang Vihar- 2 exam.


  • Age 14 – Prarambh (regardless of whether an examinee has passed the bal satsang exams) For Prarambh registration please click here
  • The examinee must be the specified age by 1st March of the exam year. It is not required to pass Shishu Satsang Vihar-1 to move on to the new series. Once a balak/balika is age 11, he/she will become eligible for the new exam series. In the same way, once an individual is 14 years of age, he/she should register for the Prarambh exam.
  • Passing grade for each exam is 45%. 2nd grade is 45% to 59% . 1st grade is  60% 69%. Distinction is 70% to100%.
In order to take part in this great opportunity of learning, all you have to do is register for the exam. For this, contact your local bal/balikamandal sanchalak or ask your parents. (You can only register from the Worldwide centers list available on this website). Then, use the test preparation material given on this website and begin preparing. If you have more questions, then contact your local sanchalak.
Good Luck!

Note: Online registration is available only for registered centers outside India.

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